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Please read carefully before signing.

hereby declares that I have been well informed of the risks related to snorkelling activities and I declare that:

- Neither the instructor or Dive Centre are responsible in case of injury or damages that may happen to me or to my family or person in my charge , derived or caused by my participation in this experience or as a result of neglecting any part , passive or active including the exempted parties mentioned above;

- By this document , the subjects indicated by priority below are exempted of each and every responsibility, the undersigned assumes all risks related to this experience, either expected or non expected risks;

- I was fully informed that the snorkeling activity demands physically efforts. And in any case of any damages or injuries (heart attack, panic, hyperventilation) or illness caused by or derived from this experience the parties above are exempted and can not be held accountable.

- That my present physical conditions does not prevent me from participating in this experience;

- That I don’t at this moment have any influenza symptoms, congestion or any internal ear infections;

- That I have never had any illness like epilepsy, vertigo or fainting;

- That I have never had problems or illness like heart attack , heart diseases , heart or chest angina or high blood pressure , or any circulation problems ;

- That I have never had previous illnesses or diseases of the respiratory system , or emphysema or tuberculosis ;

- That I don’t use any medicines or substances of any kind that can alter or change my mental capabilities.

- The snorkeling equipment should be rented the day before the excursion at 5.00pm.

- Kindly be 10 minutes before the departure time of excursion with your towel and passport.

- In case of cancellation after 12.00pm the day before the excursion only 50% from the excursion cost will be refunded.

- In case of cancellation or not show up in the same day of the excursion there’s no refund at all; just in case of health problems proved with local medical certificate, will be refund only 50%.

I declare also (parents or guardian of the underage) that I am a full age adult and capable to complete and sign this document.

Finally I declare that I am undersigning this document with full awareness of all the contained effects of responsibilities and the risks assumed in proper, for myself , my family and my legal charges, and this I confirm, with my signature.

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