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The Red Sea is enclosed between the African and Asian continents, it has deep bottom (up to the 2.850 meters of the Suakin Trench). It connectss with the Indian Ocean through the Straits of Bab el‐Mandeb (Gate of Tears), a passage only 29 kilometers wide and 134 meters deep. The very limited exchanges make this sea particularly salty and the water is always warm, also at depth which as such makes the Red Sea a tropical sea, with a coral reef second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. 

Sharm el Sheikh is situated on the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, born as a village of Bedouin fishermen. It began its development in the early '80, becoming in short time a prestigious tourist destination that welcomes a quantity of visitors which is always increasing. Besides the scuba diving and the snorkelling, there are a lot of activities that attract the tourists: Kite Surf, Wind Surf, Golf, camel trip in the desert and excursions into the interior to visit historical locations of enormous cultural value such as the Monastery of Saint Catherine and the Sinai Mountain.

Typically desert, with elevated thermal variations between day and night. The absence of air humidity and the light constant wind makes the 45 summer degrees perfectly bearable. From November to March the external temperature varies between 20/25 degrees during the day and around 14° in the evening. The water average temperature in wintertime is 21/ 24 degrees. It rains very rarely and only for few minutes. From April to October the average air temperature is 35/45 degrees and the water reaches up to 30 degrees.

The monetary unit is the Egyptian Pound (LE). Currency can be exchanged at airport, banks, exchange offices and some ATM’s. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. ATM machines are abundant and you can withdraw money (only LE) using your credit card or international ATM cards.

The official language is the Arabic but Italian and English are spoken and understood by the majority of the population.

A Valid Passport (or identity card) valid for at least 6 months is required. On arriving a Visa must be obtained at the airport. 

There are 2 types available.

1.) Free 14 day (Sinai Only) visa which allows access to areas along the gulf of Aqaba only (Not valid for Mainland Egypt or National Parks like Ras Mohammed).

2.) $25 Visa which allows full access to all the sites of Egypt. (You need this for Cairo or mainland trips)

Vaccinations are not required. In case of illness, in all the villages there is a medical service (to be paid) or it is possible to go to the public hospital or to the private clinic. There are a lot of pharmacies in which you can find every kind of medicine. Frozen drinks and air conditioned must be used with moderation, especially in the summer months, to avoid intestinal problems. Hyperbaric Chambers are available in Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab, managed by the famous Dr. Adel, manager of DAN Egypt.

In Sharm el Sheikh it is possible to move around safely and freely. If you want to take a taxi you have to negotiate the price beforehand and it is best using Egyptian Pounds, even if everywhere else Euro and Dollars are accepted. There are vast choices of cafes, restaurants and shops in Naama Bay, Old Market and surrounding areas.

The basic ingredients of the Egyptian typical cuisine (very tasty but not spicy) are: rice, beef meat, chicken, goat, fish and vegetables. There are many restaurants where the typical dishes can be tasted, always accompanied by different sauces, vegetables and bread. The Clime of Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most suitable and best all over the world. 

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