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Chris Azab & Wahid

Chris was interviewed by PADI in 2013 because of her Career in TEC Diving. She was also the only Dutch winner of the PADI Elite Instructor Challenge in 2017 Since 2011, she has been listed every year as Silver or Gold Course Director in the Under Sea Journal of PADI. She also proves herself to be a capable CD every year. When doing a course with her you can expect an abundance of dedication, passion about diving, knowledge and a lot of experience.

Master Instructor Wahid

Wahid helps PADI Course Director Chris during the IDC’s in Sharm el Sheikh. He speaks Dutch, English, German and Arabic. Wahid spent years exploring the deeper parts of the Red Sea with his Rebreather. He taught for years in all TEC, REbreather and Trimix courses. With all his experience he is super motivated during the IDC’s. In case you didn’t already know, Wahid is Chris’s husband too. They started diving together in the Netherlands a long time ago, which is why they are so well attuned to each other during an IDC.

Why become a PADI Instructor with Us?

Chris always teaches with passion, every time. She teaches a variety of PADI Instructor Specialties such as the Adaptive Techniques Diver as well as the RNLI Sea Survival Instructor Specialty. Hence, she continues to earn the yearly Elite Instructor and PADI Gold Course Director status. You will find the PADI Course Directors with this status in the second quarter of the Undersea Journal. Also read her Elite Instructor Interview, which also reflects her passion for diving and training..


Diving History

PADI Course Director Chris started in 1997 with scuba diving and has always continued her and others people’s education.
She is an International Award-winning Course Director and TecRec Trimix Instructor Trainer. In 2021 she again became Gold Course Director. Chris has a lot of experience and more than 12.000 dives to her name. She has now delivered more than 1000 Instructor-level courses and has trained more than 2.650 divers and instructors. She has since trained more than 150 TEC and Sidemount students and TEC Sidemount Instructors.

Chris's Training Certificates

  • PADI Course Director since 2009
  • Instructor Trainer Self Reliant Diver
  • TEC Sidemount Instructor Trainer
  • Sidemount Instructor Trainer
  • TEC Deep Instructor Trainer
  • TEC Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • Gas- and Trimix Blender Instructor Trainer
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer and IT Care for Children and AED
  • Specialty Instructor Trainer in:
    PADI Adaptive Teaching, Deep, Digital Underwater Photography and Video, Dive Against Debris, DPV, Drysuit, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Multilevel and Computer, Night, EAN Nitrox, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigator, RNLI Sea Survival and KNRM Sea Survival, Self Reliant Diving, Shark Conservation, Sidemount Diving, Drift, Equipment, Fish ID, Weck and Search and Recovery.

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