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Enzo Volpicelli & Grazia Palmisano

Enzo is a PADI Gold course director and is a very active one. His colleague Grazia Palmisano is a PADI Course director as well. Together, they make a dynamic partnership, where you get the very best support.  They put in twice the effort and you get twice the fun. Enzo Volpicelli is really two people! Enzo and Grazia together makes up a very powerful team.


Why become a PADI Instructor with Us?

Enzo & Grazia are ones of the best PADI Course Directors nowadays. Together they able to teach in 4 languages: English, Italian, French and German. Enzo has been a PADI Course Director for over 23 years now, together with Grazia building the world of divers around, teaching and assisting.

With both sharing the same passion, Enzo running a PADI IDC dive center, and Grazia exceeding all expectations holding the title of a PADI Elite Instructor since 2015 and certifying over 2000 diver in an exceptional way. The PADI added an article about her under My PADI Story , and finally becoming a PADI Course Director herself. Both they have a great passion to share and a lot of experience to deliver to you and help you accomplish your dream.

Whether you are a diving instructor already willing to increase your knowledge or a Divemaster wishing to become a PADI Instructor, or a dive center owner or manager, they will help you get out the best of it throughout the course workshops.  You’ll get to learn many techniques during your IDC so that you will be able to deliver excellent training to your future students or be able to run your business properly.


Diving History

Enzo started diving since 1992 and he continued until he became a PADI instructor in 1998, transforming his passion into a full time job, getting a lot of satisfaction and recognition from PADI for the quality of the work done and for the service offered to the customers. 

Enzo constantly collaborates with RAI operators for underwater filming and consultancy for the creation of some regional and national articles on the marine environment.

Enzo collaborates as well with the national body of eco-envronmental ecological guards as an Eco environmental agent and he is a Federal rescue instructor. Enzo currently works as he of instructor training in various PADI IDC centers across Italy, Malta, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives and finally Egypt !

Grazia has been diving since she was a teenager and she had deepened this passion through continuous education, project aware and marine protection programs, She became a PADI instructor in 2015 , since then and as a PADI Elite instructor Grazia had received several PADI "Certificates of Excellence" in recognition of the professionalism with which she represents the PADI organization in the world; in the "PADI Undersea journal" of the third quarter of 2021 PADI dedicated her an article amonth the "Exceeding expectations" on the PADI Professionals who in turn inspire divers from all over the world. Since 2016 Grazia has been authorized by the PADI Examiners to do translations for various instructor candidates.

Grazia has experience in Italy, Brazil, Madagascar, Thailand, Maldives and the Red sea.

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