Reef Oasis Dive Club


Meet Our Team

The aim of Reef Oasis Dive Club ownership is to create a great team serving high quality services for each guest in a safe and enjoyable way. All are instructors are experienced professionals, passionate about oceans and their job, daily sharing their love for diving with guests.

Miguel Angel Somavilla's photo

Miguel Angel Somavilla

  • AKA : Miky
  • Nationality : Spanish
  • Position: Base Leader/ Shark trainer/ Dive Instructor
  • Diving level: Cmas *** instructor, PADI IDC and EFR Instructor
  • Languages: English' Spanish'
Narciso's photo


  • AKA : Narci
  • Nationality : Dominican
  • Position: Instructor
  • Diving level: Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor
  • Languages: Danish' French' Italian' English' Spanish'
Mostafa Gad's photo

Mostafa Gad

  • AKA : Disha
  • Nationality : Egyptian
  • Position: Instructor
  • Diving level: OWSI Instructor
  • Languages: German' Russian' English' Arabic'
Jose’ Orlando Leonardo's photo

Jose’ Orlando Leonardo

  • AKA : Melasa
  • Nationality : Dominican
  • Position: Snorkel Team
  • Diving level: AOWD
  • Languages: Italian' English' Spanish'
Jacobo Chalas's photo

Jacobo Chalas

  • AKA : Roinny
  • Nationality : Dominican
  • Position: Assistant Team
  • Diving level: Rescue-Diver
  • Languages: Italian' Spanish'
Nadia el Adrou's photo

Nadia el Adrou

  • AKA : Nadia
  • Nationality : Marocco
  • Position: Counter
  • Diving level: None
  • Languages: French' English' Arabic'
Luis Sanchez's photo

Luis Sanchez

  • AKA : El Menol
  • Nationality : Dominican
  • Position: Assistant Team
  • Diving level: None
  • Languages: Italian' Spanish'