Reef Oasis Dive Club

Welcome To Sea Trek, Helmet Diving

If you can walk and breathe, you can Sea Trek!

The SEATREK Experience

Live the experience of the seabed while you are at a depth of 5 meters. Discover the diversity of the marine life, from the simplest way you could have ever imagined. You will only need a small formation (briefing) of 10 minutes and you will be eager to experience and participate in our natural aquarium. Walk for 30 minutes with complete safety at the bottom of the ocean. A SeaTrek guide and a diver will accompany you at all times.

Feel like a real astronaut visiting the moon. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and the impressive vision that the helmet gives you as it is manufactured with the most advanced technology. It doesn’t matter what age you are to make SeaTrek.

You are guaranteed to enjoy and you will also have a special memory that you can share with your family and lifelong friends. The wonderful climate of the Dominican Republic, the temperature of the water and the SeaTrek equipment allow you to enjoy our activity throughout the year.

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