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Meet Our Team

The aim of Reef Oasis Dive Club ownership is to create a great team serving high quality services for each guest in a safe and enjoyable way. All are instructors are experienced professionals, passionate about oceans and their job, daily sharing their love for diving with guests.

Michael Tadros's photo

Michael Tadros

  • AKA: Michael
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Position: Area Coordinator-Caribbean
  • Diving level: IDC STAFF INSTRUCTOR
  • Languages: German' Italian' Russian' English' Spanish'
Basil's photo


  • AKA: Basil
  • Nationality: Bahamian
  • Position: Boat captain
  • Languages: English'
Tiffany's photo


  • AKA: Tiffany
  • Nationality: Bahamian
  • Position: Front office
  • Diving level: -
  • Languages: English'
Ceaser Saunders's photo

Ceaser Saunders

  • AKA: Ceaser
  • Nationality: Bahamian
  • Position: Dive Instructor + Reef Specialist
  • Diving level: OWI
  • Languages: English' Spanish'
Alexandria Tucker's photo

Alexandria Tucker

  • AKA: Alexandria
  • Nationality: Bahamian
  • Position: Snorkeling Guide
  • Diving level: DIVE MASTER
  • Languages: English'
Jaron Sawye's photo

Jaron Sawye

  • AKA: Jaron
  • Nationality: Bahamian
  • Position: Instructor and Shark Expert
  • Diving level: MSDT
  • Languages: Italian' English'
Jordan Williams's photo

Jordan Williams

  • AKA: Jordan
  • Nationality: Bahamian
  • Position: Snorkeling Giude
  • Diving level: DIVE MASTER
  • Languages: English'
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