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Meet Gio Prestigiacomo – Our PADI Course Director

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Gio is an Italian PADI , 22 years ago he has chosen to become a PADI professional, which caused him to be travelling almost all over the world between Italy, Thialand, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, landing finally on the Grand Bahamas island since 1997 !


Why do your IDC with Gio ?

Having been all over the world,  with a huge managing experience is for sure a good plus, but having a management degree as well as having the know-how of how to bring traffic and marketing skills , Extensive cross-cultural awareness and exposure with fluency in several languages adding to this sharing his passion of teaching you this, will definitely result in a multi skilled instructor who is able to promote himself and his underwater office in a high standard of professionality.

Gio’s Underwater Story


Gio has been in the diving industry for many years. He became a PADI Instructor way back in 1992 and climbed the ladder till becoming a PADI Course Director back in 2008, The desire to always put himself in the game led him to become a Successful dive center manager twice for a total period of 16 years, and a successful course director on the Grand Bahamas Island, the only PADI Course director teaching IDCs on the Island isdefinetly a title worth holding on to !


Gio’s Future?

Lots of new things to come, the desire never stops, a diver shall never be in a static state but Gio Prestigiacomo photo 2must always Evolve …....

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