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The Fury Shoals liveaboard itinerary is a must do during your southern voyage with us aboard the Seawolf fleet with Reef Oasis Dive Club. A wonderful tour for divers who love extensive diving.

Good To Know

The Fury Shoal tour is characterized by a colorful potpourri of the most diverse reef structures, such as small cave systems, reef blocks densely covered with corals, plateaus, canyons, coral gardens and drop-offs. Not to mention the incredible variety of fish that the Red Sea has to offer.
Some people would love to dive the entire Red Sea in 7 days. Those are definitely out of place on this safari. Because this tour is characterized by short driving distances and extensive dives.
If you think that the reefs on this tour might be a bit boring, you are wrong. Especially because there are many reefs between Marsa Alam and Hamata that cannot be visited on other routes due to lack of time. Another advantage is that at some exceptionally beautiful reef also two dives can be made and the divers do not only hear: "Sorry, we don't have time for that, we have to move on."


Day 1 : After arrival in Hurghada or Marsa Alam transfer to the boat. Check in, dinner and spending the first night onboard in the marina.

Day 2 : Departure in the morning. Familiarization of the boat, Diving, safety and equipment briefing. Dives at Shaab el Nabaa, Shaab Marsa Alam

Day 3 : Sataya : Dives at Sataya and Shaab Claudio

Day 4 : Shaab Claudio : Dives at Shaab Claudio and Shaab Galawa Kebir, Nightdive at Shaab Galawa Kebir

Day 5 : Abu Galawa Soraya : Dives at Abu Galawa Soraya and El Bohar, night dive at El Bohar

Day 6 : Shaab Ghadir : Dives at Shab Ghadir and Shaab Marsa Alam Nightdive at Shaab Marsa Alam

Day 7 : Return : Two dives at Marsa Shone, Return to the port. For safety reasons you should not dive 24 hours before your flight home.

Day 8 : Check out : Breakfast and check out no later than 10 am. Transfer to the airport or hotel.

Abu Dabab

Fury Shoals

20 minutes west of Elphinstone reef we come across Abu Dabab III - a dive site known for the wreck "Heaven One" and also for the dolphins that also like to stay here. In addition, there are small caves, beautiful coral gardens, remains of amphorae and the possibility to experience a fantastic night dive.


Fury Shoals

A reef with very steep slopes and two plateaus in the north and south. It is located 30 min east of Abu Dabab and is therefore an outer reef that drops well over 100m all around. Elphinstone is known for its whitetip sharks and notorious for the archway.

Shaab Marsa Alam

Fury Shoals

This exciting reef is located 25 minutes off Marsa Alam. Here you will find a wreck, cavern systems and one of the most beautiful mountain coral gardens. Almost all the liveaboard boats that depart from Marsa Alam will make their first and maybe last dive of the safari here. Shaab Marsa Alam is also a nice place for night diving.

Shaab Sharm/Gota Sharm

Fury Shoals

Gota Sharm is an outer reef north of Wadi Gimal and one of the most beautiful drop off reefs in the Red Sea. It drops over 100m and has two plateaus where you can see reef sharks, with luck also hammerheads and manta rays. But it is best known for its cave-like notches and the cleaning stations for surgeonfish.

Abu Galawa Kebir

Fury Shoals

This reef in the center of Sataya is most famous for a wreck: the "Tien Hsing". But there is also one of the largest coral gardens in the area and a safe anchorage in bad weather and overnight.

Abu Galawa Soraya

Fury Shoals

A beautifully overgrown old sailing yacht, coral blocks and canyons, many different reef fish and all this in pleasant depths between seven and 21 meters. "Abu Galawa Soraya" has a lot to offer and the boats can moor at already laid mooring lines.

Sataya Gota Soraya

Fury Shoals

One of the most beautiful coral gardens of the Red Sea. Playground of dolphins and adventure garden for navigation lovers. Through a cave you can dive in a lagoon. Nitrox is definitely required here!

Sataya Gota Kebir

Fury Shoals

Sataya Gota Kebir is considered the "Garden of Eden in the afternoon" and offers a perfect opportunity to experience the creatures of the night. Whether inexperienced or "Cousteau's little brother" - here everyone finds his adventure. Explore the plateau and dive into the undiscovered lagoon!

Shaab Claude

Fury Shoals

This reef is located 10 minutes east of Abu Galawa Kebir. Divers appreciate it not only for the beautiful panoramas in the coral gardens, main attraction is a cave, which is good to dive and has great light shows.

Shaab Maksur

Fury Shoals

This is one of the most northeastern reefs in Sataya. "Maksur" means "crack" or "crevice" and this can still be seen in the south. Shaab Maksur is more or less a drop off reef and reminds on the east side of Elphinstone. In addition there is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Red Sea.


Fury Shoals

Sheleniat I is a pearl among the reefs in the area of Wadi Gimal: hills full of corals and on the west side two beautiful lagoons teeming with young barracudas, turtles, octopuses and porcupine fish. And a place where even leopard sharks can be found. What more could a diver's heart desire?

Habili Radir

Fury Shoals

This reef is located 40 minutes northwest of Shaab Sharm and stands on the plate of Radir. Habili Radir is a collection of large and small blocks whose arrangement is unique. Rarely dived and top class!

Shaab Malahi

Fury Shoals

This is one of the very special reefs: a labyrinth grown from single huge blocks. In the inner lagoon with the coral garden and the small caves are the resting places of the hunters and you can see the rare hatchetfish, but also fascinating snails and anemones.

Erg Abu Diab

Fury Shoals

Erg Abu Diab is located near Ras Banas. The cone-shaped reef reaches a depth of over 100 meters. It consists of a steep wall all around and can be rounded within 30 minutes, as far as the very often occurring strong current allows it.

Gota Eden

Fury Shoals

It really exists, the Garden of Eden, also known as "Paradise" - half an hour west of Abu Basala. An insider tip that lives up to its name and is also suitable for night dives.

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