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Jessica Rossetto

Why do your IDC with Jessica ?

Originally from Italy, Jessica has been in the diving field for 18 years and has seen the world while traveling and diving.

Her dedication for diving made her become a dive instructor 9 years ago with long teaching experience across Europe.This is the reason why she gives her IDC's in 4 languages: English, Italian, German and French.

Her programs provide the quality and expertise you should expect and demand during your Instructor Training. The aim is to make sure that you become a highly trained Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Jessica's Underwater Story

2000: I started to dive in Germany where I lived for 8 years. I have been diving since then and thanks to my passion for traveling I could dive in different places in the world such as Red Sea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives,Mexico, Belize, etc.

When I moved back to Padova (Italy) in 2007 I decided to continue my diving career and two years later I could reach the Instructor level.

2009: I started to work in the Italian and Croatian market as a freelance instructor with some of the most important diving centers of the region. Since the beginning of my diving career and later as an IDC Staff Instructor I had the possibility to work together with Platinum Course Directors and to take an active part in many IDCs and IEs in Italy and abroad.

2011: I attended the first technical courses and began to be interested in technical diving.

2016: I reached the Master Instructor and the EFR Trainer level and collected further experience in scuba diving and free diving.

2017: I attended the CDTC in Punta Cana (Domenican Republic) and reached the Course Director level.Now I am Staff and Course Director of Issimo Sport, an Italian diving school,where I spend most time of the year and  Course Director at the Reef Oasis Dive Club in Sharm el Sheikh, where I conduct courses in Italian, English, German and French.

Besides recreational diving I am very interested in technical as well as rebreather diving.

Always keep on Teaching and learning ……  There is always more to learn!!!

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